Monday, August 13, 2012

Good design is Honest

it's been like ages since i open this blog
a lot of things happened this year
and i cant be bother to do this lately

however i want to share what i found in life in that "isolation" period

in the beginning of the year,
i got into architecture design course in RMIT
with any knowledge of what architecture or design is...
i march my way to my campus 
without knowing that hell is coming for me

the last 6 months was rough for me
skip mealtime
lack of sleep
no social life
constant stress
daily breakdown's harsh
it's the worse time of my life until now

however i could not deny that architecture has given a lot to
i learnt a new chapter in life

guys,face is not easy..
success doesnt come by its own
you gotta work hard to reach it
i remember in high school life seems so easy
uni is another thing
if you want something,dont wait..
reach it,work for it,do whatever till you get it

Happiness is always the way
do what you passionate about then you'll never stress about anything
stress doesnt solve anything
those break downs that i have been through did not produce anything
in the end i still have to work
in the end they still can tell if you make something that does not come from your heart

Since i transfered to Industrial design
(yea..i gave up,it just not my thing,couldnt handle it anymore,but whatever)
i'm much more happy now
life is easier
going to uni is not as burden as before
and i get to do things that i really want
i really care about

Architecture may not be the thing for me
but somehow that hardwork and patience 
i cant get it from somewhere else

i dont regret i've picked the wrong decision last time
i see it as a experience
everything have a positive side
even in the darkest place

i believe i became more mature since architecture
more responsible
more thoughtful
pay more attention to details that no one care about
and more rational

anyway,i'm happy now
so i'll try my best to keep up with this blog
and wish me luck in the design world
love you all :)

ps: here pics of my designs during semester 1 and current course ;)


Industrial Design 

Friday, December 16, 2011


should have made this post long time ago

so here i am waiting for my mum
she's on a meeting and i got nothing to do...

earlier this month
my mum,friends,and boyfriend made a surprise birthday party for me
which is really unexpected
(and almost made me cry.....)'s the pics :D

lovelovelove you all guysss
thanks a lot for making on of the best night ever for me

Friday, December 2, 2011

expect less,give more

i'm in indonesia nowww
it's good to be back
but i miss melbourne as well
the atmosphere,the people
very different from indonesia..especially Jakarta

i haven't done much exploring in indo
just eating lots of GOOD FOOD
meet several people
hang out with my folks

it's kinda different from the last time i go back home
all my friends are currently busy with their studies
hard to meet them as they all have different schedule and live in different cities across the country
and families are not that excited that i'm home :(
well maybe cause they had a holiday in melbourne couple of months ago..

matthew's getting cuter and cuter
he can talk properly now
my mom busy with her new ipad
dad's stays with his golf-thingy
everything seems like in the right place...
so far...i can see that they both happy
which makes me happy as well :(

i miss my boyfriend...
like a lot
but he's here now and i'm going to see him the day after tomorrow!

by the way,tomorrow's my birthday
and i dont know what to do with it
any suggestions?
feel free to give a comment :)'s the great part
pictures that i have taken while in indo...
mostly taken with fuji instax (thanks a lot keshia!!)

christine visiting bogor!!!hell yeah we had such a good time :)

jamming with christine...good friend,good times

first friends that i hung out with since i arrived,aldryan,lianty :)

at my cousin's wedding with my dad,cici and my other cousin

another photo from the wedding with my dad...great dress huh?hahaha

epeee....he's getting skinnier and healthier..*thumbs up*

stay over at opa's with epe & ea,awesome night :D
 btw,my fuji instax's name is jiffy just so you know hahhaa
sorry for the picture quality
havent held a real camera lately

and here's more pictures besides jiffy's works

more photos from the wedding

martabak....guilty pleasure..

lunch with my melbo girls... ame & dara :)
and then finally,
i save the best for last...
this is the reason why i love my boyfriend

he's such a sweet guy *poke*

ciao for now :)

Monday, October 3, 2011

there's a conflict within myself

went to st kilda beach today
it was nice!
great weather,great friends

me christine harry and amy went to mart before
such a beautiful restaurant with stunning poached eggs
then we continue our trip to st kilda

luna park was pretty awesome
like the old rides and stuff
but the beach is the best part
i've been to better beach than st kilda
but somehow i still like it

then we(read: me) ate ice cream at san churro
go home happily
talking bout korean bands (HA!)

then i went to rose garden with dirza
he bought me milo godzilla
which was pretty sweet for him to do that
it was a nice day :)

hope the rest of the week gonna be nice like today...